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The 757 Pipeline Safety Coalition aims to shine a public spotlight on the credible risks to public safety of the Southern Company/Virginia Natural Gas Southside Connector [Transmission] Line Project.

Questions For Norfolk City Council

Q. According to The Virginian-Pilot, only seven percent of high pressure gas transmission lines in the U.S. go through dense urban neighborhoods like downtown Norfolk and Berkley and none through ship repair yards like Colonna’s Shipyard. What alternative routes did VNG consider?

Q. What independent safety studies recommend the path through Berkley, Colonna’s Shipyard, under the Elizabeth River to Harbor Park, then down Tidewater Drive and Virginia Beach Boulevard?

Q. Why should Norfolk residents be confident that the pipeline will be operated safely at a depth of only three to four feet beneath the streets of Berkley, and Tidewater Drive and Virginia Beach Boulevard?

Q. Why did VNG mislabel this hazardous transmission line as an innocuous “distribution” line?